8 Home Organising Tips To Keep Your Home Clean And Stylish 

Come back to a clean and organised home with these handy tips!
Isn’t it so satisfying when everything in your home has its place. Not only does coming back to a clean home pleasing to the eye, it improves your mood as well. Organising your home can be a tedious process, especially if you have a lot of stuff. Here are 8 home organising tips that we found work for us! 

1. Use clear containers 

Find your items easily with clear containers.
Get that Muji aesthetic to your home and store your items in these clear storage boxes from Japan Home. The boxes come in different sizes and compartments, making it convenient to sort your items and keep you organised. Having clear boxes also makes it easy for you to find your items quickly when you need it. The fact that they’re stackable is an added plus! 
Prices start from $1.95 each and you’ll get 15% off when you purchase any 3 boxes. 

2. Don’t just dump things in your drawer

Find everything you need at a glance.
Out of sight, out of mind. This saying is too true when it comes to drawers. While it may be tempting to freely dump things into your drawers, you know you’ll regret it when you need to find that matching pair of socks. Instead of rummaging around frantically, get this honeycomb drawer organiser from IUIGA
Besides socks, they’re also great for storing your belts, scarves and underwear. To make your drawers look extra aesthetic, sort your items according to colour and be greeted by a rainbow each time you open them.  
IUIGA is located at Causeway Point

3. Optimise your closet space

Save wardrobe space with this hanger.
Some of us have a lot of clothes. While folding them might be a good option, you’ll risk having a perfectly folded stack of clothes falling over when you need to get something from the bottom of the stack. 
That’s why this 3-tier clip hanger from IUIGA is a life-saver. One of these hangers replaces three standard hangers which makes them perfect for decluttering the base of your wardrobe. The hook also swivels a full 360°, making it easier for you to select your clothes. Hanging up your clothes also means saying goodbye to creases and folds. Yay! 
IUIGA is located at Causeway Point

4. Make it easier to put things away   

These items will keep your bathroom counter clutter-free.
Make putting things away effortless by making sure that there’s a spot for everything. Items like bathroom caddies from Metro and this hair dryer rack from IUIGA go a long way in keeping your bathroom organised. Knowing that every item has its own spot will make you less tempted to simply leave your items strewn around, especially when you’re in a rush. 
Metro is located at The Centrepoint and Causeway Point
IUIGA is located at Causeway Point

5. Get creative and DIY your own jewellery organiser  

Turn your jewellery into an art piece in your home with this easy-to-do DIY jewellery display! All you need is a bulletin board, a cloth of your choice and push pins. You can easily get these items from POPULAR Bookstore or Daiso
  • Cut a piece of cloth that is slightly larger than your bulletin board.
  • Secure the four corners of the cloth using push pins. 
  • Using a flat object, push the edges of the cloth into the frame of the bulletin board to create a clean edge. 
  • Place the remaining push pins at your preferred spot and hang your jewellery from them. 
  • Hang the bulletin board on your wall and make your jewellery a piece of wall art. 
This is an inexpensive way to showcase your jewellery while keeping them organised. 
POPULAR Bookstore is located at Causeway Point, Northpoint City, North Wing and Eastpoint Mall
Daiso is located at Eastpoint Mall, Waterway Point and Changi City Point

6. Get furniture that’s functional and stylish 

Use this as a desk, coffee table and storage.
Who needs three pieces of furniture when you only need to get one! This lift-up table from Metro functions as a coffee table, a desk and a storage unit. Store items like remote controllers, tissue boxes and books in the built-in storage unit and keep your surface clear. Lift-up the wood panel and use it as a desk. 
Metro is located at The Centrepoint and Causeway Point

7. Manage your cables 

Keep your desk clean with this cable box.
Seeing a mess of wires on your desk may not be the most pleasant sight. What’s more, they tend to get all jumbled up which makes untangling them a nightmare. Instead of dealing with this, keep your wires organised from the get-go with this nifty cable box from Challenger
Having a clean desk is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also helps you focus better instead of stressing about having to deal with the mess! 

8. Make organising part of your routine 

No matter how clean your home may be right now, it’ll eventually get disorganized if you don’t have a routine. Organising has to be part of your routine if you want to maintain a clean and stylish home. Write a to-do list of things you need to organise and set aside a time each week to complete this task. Jot them down in cute planners like the ones you can get from Typo so that you don’t forget to do these tasks. 
While it may seem like a chore at first, organising will eventually become a habit and you’ll come back to a clean and tidy home every single day. 
Typo is located at Anchorpoint and Waterway Point
Hopefully this has inspired you to roll up your sleeves and start organising!