Step-By-Step Guide To Planning The Ultimate Children’s Day Party 

With Children’s Day coming up next month, why not celebrate this day with a party! Now that you have the date and guest list set, what next? Here’s a step-by-step guide to planning the ultimate Children’s Day party that your kids are sure to enjoy! 

Step 1: Choose a theme 

This is probably the most crucial step in planning the perfect party. The theme will determine most, if not all, aspects, of the party. From the décor to the activities and even right down to the food, all these will be determined by the theme. Of course, don’t forget to involve your child in this decision. It’s for them after all, and you want to make sure that they have a blast! 
Superhero-themed parties are popular with kids.
Having a character-themed party is always a popular choice. Characters like superheroes, Peppa Pig, and My Little Pony are some of the trendier ones. The kids can come dressed according to theme of the party and which makes for lots of picture-perfect moments. Another option is to have a hobby-inspired theme to the party like an arts & crafts themed one, which is more gender-neutral. 
Balloons are must-haves for any party.
Once the theme is set, you’ll be able to get the decoration and party. DIY your own décor and have your kids join in for a fun family activity. If you’re pressed for time, get your party supplies from Kidz Party Store. Besides the typical helium balloons, you can get unique ones like this standing dinosaur balloon. They also offer balloon packages if you’re planning to deck out the entire area with them. 
Kidz Party Store is located at Waterway Point

Step 2: Pick a venue 

The number of guests you have, and the theme of the party are some of the things to consider when choosing a venue. For smaller groups, a cozy party at home will be great! You’ll know exactly where everything is which makes things less stressful and much more convenient. 
Perfect for larger group gatherings.
For larger groups, you might want to book out a space like the Party Room at Waterway Point. Located at level 2, this place is perfect for large gatherings of up to 40 pax. It’s equipped with a television, Blu-ray player with sound system and a pantry area. Plus, it’s just a few steps away from Happy Park, a wet and dry playground, so you can let the kids roam about and play their hearts out! 
Operating hours / rental fees (price before GST):
- 11am to 3pm (4 hours) | $150 (Non-peak) | $200 (Peak)
- 5pm to 9pm (4 hours) | $200 (Non-peak) | $250 (Peak)
- 11am to 9pm (10 hours) | $350 (Non-peak) | $450 (Peak)
*Non-peak - Monday to Thursday.
*Peak - Friday to Sunday, eve of Public Holiday and Public Holidays
Make your booking at least 1 week in advance by emailing

Step 3: Consider the food 

When selecting the menu, choose foods that are easy to serve, eat and clean up. You don’t really want anything that’s too difficult for the kids to eat. If you’re not the best cook, make simple foods like sandwiches special by cutting them up into cute shapes using cookie cutters. Not only are they yummy, they look adorable as well. 
These menu items from Pastamania are sure to be a hit with the little ones. 
For a more filling option, Pastamania’s children catering menu has a great spread for kids. Their Bambino menu is full of items like cheddar cheese sticks, mac & cheese, and chicken sausage rolls that kids will enjoy! It even comes with coloured partyware and table décor, so that’s one less thing for you to stress over and focus on the party!  
Plus, you get to enjoy 10% off your 1st catering order with Pastamania. Check out their catering service here or email them at
Dig into these desserts without the guilt.
No party is complete without desserts! All The Batter’s Fresh Avocado Milk Balls and Avocado Yoghurt Fruit Tarts are not only delicious but healthy as well. Packed in delightfully designed trays, setting up these delectable treats will be a breeze. Bite into these decadent desserts without the guilt! 
Pastamania is located at Causeway Point and Northpoint City, North Wing.
All the Batter is located at Anchorpoint

Step 4: Plan the activities

Have a magical time with a magic show!
Now that your guests are fed, it’s time for some activities! Gather a few parents to put on a show or hire a professional. Set up a balloon sculpting or face painting booth with party entertainment packages from Kidz Party Store, or wow the kids with a magic show by Magic Wand
Let the kids express their creativity with craft activities.
Hands on activities like crafting bookmarks and creating sock puppets are also great for keeping the kids busy. You can easily get the craft supplies you need from POPULAR Bookstore at super affordable prices. Plus, they make perfect party favours too!   
If you don’t want to spend too much money, here are some fun activities you can prepare using simple household items: 
Kidz Party Store is located at Waterway Point
Magic Wand is located at The Centrepoint
POPULAR Bookstore is located at Causeway Point, Eastpoint Mall and Northpoint City, North Wing

Step 5: Prepare goodie bags

These items from Smiggle are perfect for the little ones.
Not only will this be a good way for guests to remember the day, it can also be a way of thanking the guests for coming. Gifts can be anything from food to toys (just make sure they’re age appropriate). Items like scented pencils, blind bags and squishy ball point pens from Smiggle will be a crowd favourite amongst the little ones. 
Smiggle is located at Northpoint City, North Wing
Now that you have everything planned out, all you have to do is invite your guests, put up the decorations on the day of the event and watch all your hard work come to fruition! It may seem like it’s a lot of work for just one day but the smiles on the kids’ faces will be worth all that effort.