7 Tantalizing Restaurants You Dad Will Love For Father's Day 

Spend some quality time with your dad with a delightful meal.
We know that finding a gift for your dad can be tough. It just seems like they have almost everything they want. If you’re still scrambling to find a gift for your dad this Father’s Day, why not treat him to a meal instead? As the saying goes, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And fathers are no exception. So we’ve compiled a list of restaurants that your dad will absolutely love! 

1. Swensen’s

Earn some extra brownie points from your dad with these desserts.
Swensen’s newest sundaes will get you some extra brownie points from your dad! The Double Whammy sundae is perfect for waffle lovers. The combination of fluffy golden waffles with generous scoops of Yammy Coconut ice cream, crunchy granola and dried fruits will take your dad straight to cloud nine. 
If you’re looking for the perfect mix of sweet and savoury, order the Brownie Points sundae instead. Dig into rich and moist chocolate brownies topped with Salted Butterscotch Crumble ice cream, granola and sliced bananas. 
Tip: Make payment using your Citibank card and get a $10 return voucher when you spend a minimum of $40. 
Swensen’s is located at Causeway Point, Waterway Point and Northpoint City, North Wing

2. Lucca’s Trattoria

Be transported straight to Italy the moment you step into Lucca’s Trattoria.
There’s a reason why this restaurant is on Wine & Dine’s list of “Top Italian Restaurants in Singapore” for 4 consecutive years (2016-2019). From the moment you step in, you’re greeted with their brightly lit, and rustic interior. Enjoy authentic Tuscan cucina alla casalinga (home cooking) made with premium ingredients that are mostly from Italy.  
T-Bone Steak done in the style of Florence of the Tuscany region.
Try their signature Bistecca alla Fiorentina – 700g of melt-in-your-mouth T-bone steak that’s seasoned with salt and rosemary and pan-seared to perfection. I’m sure your dad won’t be able to find any fault with this exquisite meal. Make the meal extra special and order a bottle of wine at 30% off when you dine-in this Father’s Day. 
Lucca’s Trattoria is located at Robertson Walk

3. Guzman Y Gomez

Burrito bowls are great option if you’re looking for a lighter version of a burrito.
Remind your dad of his travels with authentic Mexican cuisine from Guzman Y Gomez. Their burrito in a bowl is perfect for those who want the taste of a burrito but without the mess. Every bite is filled with succulent meat or fresh vegetables on a bed of fluffy white or brown rice, topped with black beans, Australian Jack cheese and freshly chopped tomato salsa. The dish also comes with house-made corn chips and their house-blend salsa for that added crunch! 
Guzman Y Gomez is located at Northpoint City, South Wing

4. Andersen’s of Denmark 

Perfect for sharing with the whole family.
Make Father’s Day a family affair and head down to Andersen’s of Denmark for its signature Family Fondue. You can pick up to 10 delectable ice cream flavours all made with natural ingredients. Their super premium, premium gourmet ice cream also doesn’t contain eggs and is suitable for vegetarians as well. Indulge in rich, creamy yet refreshing ice cream with the entire family! 
And if you’re running on a pretty tight budget, fret not. While the Family Fondue is usually priced at $38.90, you can get this tasty treat at 50% off only on Father’s Day!
Andersen’s of Denmark is located at Waterway Point

5. Bonchon

Can your dad handle the spice?
If your dad is a fan of spice, you have to take him to Bonchon. Remember that viral spicy noodle challenge that was going around a few years back? Bonchon has their own version of the Korean spicy noodle challenge. Their Nuclear dry spicy ramyeon is one of the spiciest dry noodles in the market. It has a reading of 8,000 on the Scoville scale, which is four times spicier than the Samyang spicy noodles. 
Bonchon is located at Northpoint City, South Wing

6. Han’s

When you ask your dad a question, is his reply always, “anything”? If your answer is yes, finding a lunch or dinner spot for your dad might be difficult. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Just take him to Han’s for yummy fusion food! 
Han’s signature Hainanese Pork Chop is a crowd favourite.
They serve both Western and local dishes so there will definitely be at least one item on their menu that your dad will like. But if your dad still can’t decide on what to eat, we recommend their Hainanese Pork Chop. This dish is usually sold out which just goes to show how delicious it is. Yum! 
Han’s is located at Changi City Point, The Centrepoint and Waterway Point

7. The miniBar

Have a chill time with your dad over drinks.
For a chill time with your dad, take him to The miniBar and order him a Kyuri Cesar Ritz. Crisp, refreshing and classy will immediately pop into your mind when you take a sip of this cocktail. The subtle taste of the Japanese cucumber is enhanced by the aromatic st germain (elderflower liquor) in this gin-based drink. The perfect cocktail to beat Singapore’s sweltering heat. Pair this drink with a side of edamame and for a chill night out with your dad.
The miniBar is located at The Centrepoint.
Hopefully, you’ll now have some ideas on where to take your dad this Father’s Day! Time is priceless so there’s no better gift than to spend time with your loved ones. So head on out, spend some quality bonding time with your dad. And why not have a delicious meal while you’re at it?